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The OpenCog Foundation

The OpenCog Foundation

Open-source Software for Artificial General Intelligence

What if there was a way to combine narrow AI systems to create Artificial General Intelligence? If the brain could be defined by a set amount of complex functions and algorithms, would we be able to create AGI once we write them all in code?

These are the questions that Dr. Ben Goertzel, who leads the project, and the OpenCog Foundation aim to answer. Their AI platform is a collaborative, advanced environment for creating code that mimics the behaviors and functions of the brain.

Sophia the Robot

AGI in the Real World

The OpenCog Foundation works with Hanson Robotics and provides intelligence for Sophia (the robot) and SingularityNET, two other projects that Goertzel directs.

Algorithms from the OpenCog Foundation are also currently used at over 50 companies including Huawei and Cisco. Dr. Goertzel has been writing about, promoting, and evangelizing AGI for decades. The real world applications of AI are becoming increasingly present, and groups like OpenCog are a big factor.

Getting Involved

The first successful Artificial General Intelligence could come from a number of sources, a few of which are government projects, corporate innovation, or even crowdsourcing. OpenCog's view seems to be that AI should be available to everyone, and when it is, our collective effort will enable us to reach the goal faster. It's a bold endeavor, but the progress being made in this sphere is no small feat.

Dr. Ben Goertzel presented during the Carboncopies Foundation's Winter 2019 Workshop on Whole Brain Emulation and AI Safety. Click here to see his remarks.

If you're interested in becoming a developer for this project or are curious about how to get involved, take a look at their page for The Open Cognition Project.

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