Our Vision: An expedited future where Whole Brain Emulation benefits humanity and individuals.

Our Mission: To identify, facilitate, and conduct the research which will deliver Whole Brain Emulation.

What is whole brain emulation?

The human experience thrives on the capabilities of the human brain, and is at the same time constrained by its limitations. Our most human quality is our resourcefulness, our ability to learn to understand ourselves and the universe we are in, and to create and to improve both our environment and ourselves. We wear clothes, we live in houses, we teach our children, we heal the sick. Consequently, we live longer and better, and we can do and experience far more than our ancestors ever could. It is especially human to overcome natural limitations.

What we are personally aware of, what we can understand, where and how we are able to live, and what we may accomplish, those things are still determined by a body and brain that evolved to fit a niche in the early Pleistocene, 2.5 million years ago. Our machines are now able to think and plan in 15 dimensions, to process and respond to events in a universe at the micro- and nanosecond temporal scale, and they can comfortably inhabit and travel the vacuum of space. However, we ourselves cannot do those things and are therefore effectively shut out of those realities. In fact, we cannot even reliably and accurately remember things - our retrieved memories are constructed approximations. The machines we design are able to upgrade and advance. Outcomes and experience with a computer program can improve simply by running it on a better processor. Unfortunately, the biology of a brain is not equipped for back-ups or fundamental improvements.

Progress in the field of neural prosthesis shows that, in principle, if we can record enough data about detailed brain structure and dynamic brain activity, then we can produce a neuroprosthetic system that is able to serve the same function as the brain, and that can safely back-up its state and receive incremental upgrades to to its physical design and implementation. Brain-specific scientific neuroprosthetic systems, and eventually, patient-specific clinical neuroprosthetic systems in this manner would apply whole brain emulation (WBE).

What is the goal of the Carboncopies Foundation?

The Carboncopies brain research foundation is guided by a steadfast vision of an expedited future where whole brain emulation benefits humanity and individuals. We believe that the possibilities and opportunities presented by the science and technology of whole brain emulation are essential components for the most promising routes to overcoming our greatest challenges and fundamental limitations as a culture, a society, and as individuals.

The positive implications of accelerated neuroscience research, leveraging developments in artificial intelligence, and consequent applications in clinical neuroscience and neurological medicine are profound and wide-ranging. For this reason, our vision is not just to achieve whole brain emulation, but to do so as soon as possible, with many beneficial outcomes along the way: The sooner these technologies become real options, the better the odds that generations alive today can benefit and improve mid- to long-term prospects for all.

At the same time, the Foundation is keenly aware that the introduction of each significant new technological advance can present risks as well. This is why the core of our vision is that whole brain emulation must benefit humanity as a whole, and as individuals. We take great care in our work to ensure that the development and application of whole brain emulation are well thought through, that they will improve quality of life, and that the availability of advancements will be universal and fair. We are a very diverse and international non-profit organization. Our members come from a wide range of countries and cultures, and we invite participation from every culture and demographic.

What does Carboncopies do?

There is a long way to go before whole brain emulation (and, with it, the freedom to explore hitherto inconceivable new avenues of creative and intelligent development) can become a reality. Significant strides need to be made in the fields of neurobiology, neurophysiology, brain imaging, data analysis, computational neuroscience, in computational model design, model selection and model fitting, in the design of suitable processors for artificial brains, and even in disciplines such as the philosophy of mind.

At the Carboncopies Foundation, it is our mission to identify, facilitate, or directly conduct the research that will deliver whole brain emulation where that is most needed. We have built, and always continue to grow, a network of scientists across disciplines to match the needs of R&D toward whole brain emulation. Researchers on our team are aware of the state of the art. They closely follow pioneering advances in the areas listed above that affect the development of brain emulation and its application to patient-specific partial or complete neural prosthesis. Events organized and materials published by the Foundation shine a light on issues that are most in need of better comprehension, attention and support. Where possible, and where opportunities emerge to achieve leveraged acceleration, we endeavor to facilitate, launch, and support projects, and in specific cases, the scientists and engineers on our team engage directly with the research required.

There is no magic bullet. There is no guarantee that “exponential developments” and “nanobots” will save the day. Whole brain emulation cannot be achieved unless we fully recognize and understand the enormity of this ambitious goal. Success depends entirely on rigorous adherence to the tenets of the scientific method and its application, on vigorous collaboration, and on deliberative and ongoing peer review.

Who are we?

The Carboncopies Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides support to scientists working on challenges critical to whole brain emulation. Legally incorporated in California, USA, we are in fact an international organisation with team members on almost every continent. Our team members contribute a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels; take a look at our Team page to meet us, and
let us know if you'd like to get involved!