Workshop – Topic: C-Elegans – June 2021


Carboncopies Foundation Workshop


The First Emulation?


The Carboncopies Foundation will be presenting a live workshop focusing on the topic of C. Elegans.

The nematode C. Elegans is a primary subject for neural connectome mapping and experimentation because of its connectome features.

It is a good way to study methods to scan and model. This is because it is a simple organism with a tiny connectome of 302 neurons always connected in the same way.

In this workshop we will discuss the implications of C. Elegans research including the current C. Elegans modeling challenges, current connectomic mapping and modeling advances, and counter arguments against C. Elegans being an effective precursor to human connectome research.

We will feature recorded interviews from experts on C. Elegans research followed by a live panel discussion.

This live workshop event will be held on Sunday, June 20, 2021 8AM PST / 11AM EST / 3PM GMT, presented globally through the Carboncopies Foundation YouTube Channel We hope to see you there!

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