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Carboncopies Podcast

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Recent Episodes

Episode 5: “High Throughput EM and X-Ray Nano-CT” | Fri, 26 Oct 2018

The fifth installment of the Carboncopies Workshop series continues its presentations with Dr. Shawn Mikula speaking on his work taking serial section Electron Microscopy further than its historical applications. There is also a question and answer section where Dr. Mikula addresses inquiries from the live audience online. – Transcript

Episode 4: “Optical Methods for Molecular Connectomics” | Wed, 3 Oct 2018

In the fourth episode of the Carboncopies Podcast series, Dr. Adam Marblestone explains optical methods for molecular connectomics. The technologies discussed expand on DNA barcoding and electron microscopy techniques. Dr. Marblestone is currently a research scientist at Google DeepMind. – Transcript

Episode 3: “DNA Barcoding and Projectome Mapping” | Sun, 9 Sep 2018

In the third episode of the Carboncopies Podcast Series, Professor Tony Zador presents his work in DNA barcoding and projectome mapping. This technique has already been utilized by the well known Allen Brain Atlas. Zador further presented a nascent extension of this work that offers the possibility of using the same basic technique to map connectomes. – Transcript

Episode 2: “Mapping Connectomes with Ion Beam SEM” | Sun, 26 Aug 2018

In the second installment of the Carboncopies Podcast Series, Dr. Kenneth Hayworth discusses his research of ion beam SEM technology which has been used for the first time to preserve a whole rabbit brain. He also provides insight on possible timelines for whole brain emulation. – Transcript

Episode 1: “This Is Mind Uploading and Why Humanity Needs It” | Sat, 18 Aug 2018

As the first in the Carboncopies Podcast Series, Dr. Randal Koene addresses Mind Uploading generally and defines terms while outlining the goals of In this episode the urgent need for Mind Uploading is presented as the critical next step in the evolution of humanity and consciousness. – Transcript