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The Journal Club of the Carboncopies Foundation generally meets once per month, and aims to do so on the 1st Sunday, at 11:30 am US Pacific Time (6:30 pm GMT).

The Journal Club is open to the public. A video stream of the Journal Club, with text chat for Q&A, is created on the foundation YouTube channel ( There is typically also room for direct participants from the general public via video conference ( You are very welcome to call in!

We rely on the generous efforts of our Journal Club presenters, and we make an effort to accommodate their availability. For this reason, the actual date and time of the next Journal Club meeting will be published here when confirmed. (An announcement will also be posted via newsletter mailing list and on our social media channels, e.g. Facebook group, Twitter.)

Next anticipated Journal Club topic:

An introduction to methods for neuromimetic model construction.

Based on published papers by Song et al and Berger et al.

Presenter: Dr. Randal Koene

Image of recording for neuromimetic MIMO modeling.

Previous Journal Club Presentations

2021-01-31 Angela Thornton

Whole Brain Emulation and the Creation of a Substrate Independent Mind - A Road Map for the Individual and Society


2020-11-08 Michael Ulrich

A summary review on The Age of Em by Professor Robin Hanson


2020-06-07 Dr. Keith Wiley

The Stream of Consciousness and Personal Identity


2020-04-12 Dr. Randal Koene

The Fallacy of Favoring Gradual In-place Replacement over Scan-and-Copy


2020-04-08 Anita Fowler

The Case for Glutaraldehyde


2020-02-02 Dr. Michael Cerullo

Minds and Machines


2020-01-12 Michael Ulrich

Neural Correlates of Consciousness Meet the Theory of Identity

[video] [slides]

2019-12-08 Dr. Michael Cerullo

What is the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness?


2019-10-27 Dr. Randal Koene

From Connectome to Brain Function


2019-08-04 Michael Ulrich

Big Data Challenges of Connectomics