Journal of Brain Emulation – Call for Papers

Journal of Brain Emulation - Call for Papers

You are invited to submit papers for possible inclusion in the Journal of Brain Emulation. The Journal of Brain Emulation is open to scientific research articles, substantive reviews of other publications, philosophy & ethics articles, and historical documentation (memorandum) of conversations on the topics of brain emulation, neuroprosthetics, and related fields. The journal is supported by the Carboncopies Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting, facilitating, and advancing scientific research in the field of whole brain emulation.

Brain emulation is a descriptive term for a technological protocol and method that aims to reverse-engineer the relevant signal processing in neuronal circuits that is specific to the cognitive processes of a biological brain (or portions of a brain), such that carrying out the identified interacting transformations in a computational equivalent (implemented in software or hardware) produces outcomes with identical characteristics. Eventually, successful models and methods may be used to develop patient-specific clinical cognitive neuroprosthetics. Areas of study in the domain of brain emulation are multi-disciplinary, and this journal is inclusive to them all. These areas include, but are not limited to:

- Neuroscience
- Neurology
- Neural Engineering
- Artificial Intelligence
- Machine Learning
- Neuromorphic Computing
- Computational Modeling
- Brain Mapping
- Brain Preservation
- Functional Recording

We encourage the submission of papers that address and advance the understanding, technologies, techniques, methodology, as well as clinical, ethical or philosophical challenges involved in the development of brain emulation. Substantive review papers are also welcome.

Submission Deadline: March 14, 2021
Est. Publication Date: June 13 2021

In an email, by February 14, 2020, please indicate your intention to submit your paper as well as the title, authors, and abstract. At the time of submission, please provide your manuscript in PDF, Word, or LaTeX (Overleaf) format. Please indicate any additional materials in need of attention, such as code or data repositories. The submission and review process will be managed by the Journal of Brain Emulation editorial team.

Carboncopies Website:

Email address for submissions:

Editors will include:
- Dr. Randal Koene (CC Foundation)
- Dr. Ken Hayworth (BPF/Janelia)
- Michael Ulrich (CC Foundation)
- Alicia Smallwood (CC Foundation)
- Prof. Dong Song (USC)
- Prof. Yoonsuck Choe (Texas A&M)