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WBE Roadmap part 2

Updating the Roadmap to Whole Brain Emulation Part 2:

Where We Go From Here

The entire workshop is available on our YouTube Channel.

The workshop included audience participation. Many thanks to all who RSVPed!

In continuation of our event series toward updating the Oxford University manuscript, "Whole Brain Emulation: A Roadmap," we are advancing our discussion on what to do with the progress that has been made since 2008. In our previous event, "Review of the Oxford Roadmap to Whole Brain Emulation," we shared advancements in Whole Brain Emulation (WBE) made since 2008.

For this upcoming Summer Event, we will be exploring the next challenges and posing new questions based on what has been recently accomplished. Considering the progress that has been made, we will be mapping the next steps toward the completion of emulating an entire human brain. For our interviews we will ask our guests how they would proceed constructing an emulation given all the technologies expected to be available within the next decade. The discussion will aim to bridge the gap between a completed imaging of a sample and the emulation of that sample.

The next steps in WBE are still not well defined. Because of the advancements toward WBE since 2008 there needs to be a new course of action leading from the progress that has been made to reaching the next step. Our September 21 online workshop will explore these newest challenges and set objectives to reach to continue advancing toward a realized emulation.

Read our complete Summer Event Introduction by Dr. Randal Koene