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Meet Our Team

The Carboncopies Foundation is a 100% volunteer-driven organization. We are supported and operated solely by some of the most talented volunteers around the world, and without their generous time and dedication this organization would not be possible!

Board Members

  • Dr. Kenneth Hayworth

    Board Member

    President and Co-Founder of the Brain Preservation Foundation

  • Gabriel Johansson


    Gabriel works as a strategist within the public sector and has previous experience with running NGO operations including project management, event planning and organizational development. His main interest is the impact Carboncopies goals, and related research, will have on society and human life.

  • Dr. Randal Koene

    Chief Science Officer

    Neuroscientist and co-founder of

  • Thomas Liao

    Director of BrainGenix

  • Alexander McLin

    Chair of the Board

  • Stefania Schino

    Chief Financial Officer

    Received her bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance from Bari University of Economy.

  • Alicia Smallwood

    Board Member

    Currently studying mathematics at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

  • Dr. Keith Wiley

    Board Member

    Received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Bachelor's in Psychology.

Team Members

  • Dr. Michael Cerullo

    Michael A. Cerullo, M.D. graduated from the Saint Louis University School of Medicine in 2000.

  • Tyler Coonce

    I am a graduate of Sonoma State University with a bachelor's in Computer Science.

  • Keiland Cooper


    Neuroscientist and artificial intelligence researcher.

  • Bill Croughan


    Bill double-majored in math and computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. He is currently earning his PhD at UC Berkeley, developing and applying quantitative methods to study the function and mechanism of hippocampal replay events.

  • Matthew T. Dearing

    AI/ML applications developer and Ph.D. student in computer science at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

  • Daniel C. Elton, PhD

    Staff Scientist at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, working on applications of AI to medical imaging.

  • Conrad Ernst

    Currently triple majoring in Computer Science, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Joshua French

    BrainGenix Department

  • Amna Ghani

    Doctoral candidate in Computational Neuroscience.

  • Samuel Hosovsky

    BrainGenix Department

    Samuel is a technology consultant primarily in enterprise marketing and data solutions. He studied Computer Science at Charles University of Prague and is finishing a part-time Master's programme in Computing and Information Systems. His research is focused on resolving the computational challenges in cleansing, transforming but mostly interpreting experimental data for the purpose of WBE.

  • John Jose

    John is a current master's student in electrical engineering with a focus on computing systems.

  • Luca Kosina

  • Sara Kochanny


    Sara received her Bachelor's in Biology from New York University. She currently works at the University of Chicago, where her time is split between using deep learning for Cancer Informatics and as a Research Coordinator for a brain-machine interface clinical trial. She is interested in developing neural interfaces that modify sensory inputs to the brain and augment an individual's subjective experience of their reality.

  • Zachary Lazzara

    BrainGenix Department

    I've been interested in the concept of whole brain emulation and mind uploading for as long as I can remember.

  • Brad Leu

    BrainGenix Department

    Brad is a data engineer with a long career in information technology.

  • Charl Linssen


  • Mika Mautner-Rohde


    Currently pursuing his bachelor degree in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam. His interest in the Carboncopies Foundation is predominantly in the area of academic research projects, with a focus on the biology of the brain. These are projects that can advance the science closer to a realization of the fascinating possibility of whole brain emulation. As a waypoint he sees significant potential in brain-computer interfaces.

  • Samantha Mitra

    Aspiring Material Scientist at Georgia Tech with a minor in Mathematics.

  • Arseniy Mukovozov

  • Bill Nguyen

    Bill studies the brain at UC Santa Barbara.

  • Oge Nnadi

    Media contact at the BPF.

  • Kartik Pandey

    I developed my interest into the field of Artificial Intelligence a year before starting out for college.

  • Hannah Price

    Director of Publishing

  • Prishita Ray


    I currently lead the Neuron Emulation System division of the BrainGenix Department at Carboncopies.

  • Jay Kumar Roy

    Metaphysics Department

    Jay is a high school senior interested in the intersection of metaphysics and technology.

  • Ilya Sapranidi


    A researcher and tech entrepreneur with a background in complex systems, that focuses on advancing machine intelligence.

  • Robert Shuman

    Robert Shuman has a BA in Outdoor Education and Environmental Education and a minor in Environmental Studies. He has 11 years of experience working for a non-profit organization in the warmer months. He has had a life-long interest in technology and how it relates to the physical body. He believes that whole brain emulation and artificial intelligence are the future of humanity.

  • Joe Strout

    Joe Strout is a software engineer with an M.S. in Neuroscience from UCSD.

  • Angela Thornton


  • Rowan Whitney

    BrainGenix Department

  • Jason Wong

    Director of HR/Talent Aquisition, Director of Communications

    Jason Wong Headshot

    Second year at the UC Santa Cruz studying Economics & Mathematics


  • Prof. Theodore Berger

  • Dr. Diana Deca

  • Dr. Ben Goertzel

  • Todd Huffman

  • James Ingallinera

  • Dr. Eugen Leitl

  • Prof. Anthony Zador