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A Review on the Public Information Initiative Website

The human brain likely holds a place in the list of top ten marvels of the universe. It’s where we experience everything, and in that way it’s the place in which we live, and yet we still have much to understand about it. It’s no wonder that neuroscience captures the curiosity of many seeking to understand this blob of grey matter capable of shaping the outcomes of the Earth and beyond.

A great place for anyone to start seeking further understanding about their knowledge container would be a convenient website with shared research information from neuroscience contributors around the world., founded by Nick Spitzer, Ph.D, answers that calling. Finding research on a particular subject is very easy and new articles are published constantly. It is also the main site the neuroscience community goes to for information about the brain.

Every brain research subject is given generous attention. Main topics include: Thinking, Sensing & Behaving, Diseases and Disorders, Brain Anatomy & Function, Neuroscience in Society, and information about experiments and research techniques.

As a fun learning tool, there is a 3D model of the brain where the user can select different sections to display information about that brain location’s function. For those looking for more complex neuroscience information there is a tab for core concepts of brain research. Furthermore, there is a tab for educators providing project ideas, teaching guides, and advice. Within this tab, news about neuroscience events can give information on where they are and how to participate. has also published their own book: Brain Facts, a primer on the brain and nervous system which is mentioned on their site.

Public outreach is a primary focus for With several social media pages to choose from, and their newsletter subscriptions, it is very convenient to stay informed about the latest articles.

For an organization committed to the public outreach of brain research information, is a shining example of dedication. As a similar organization, is dedicated to public outreach on the research and development of whole brain emulation.

“Join us as we explore the universe between our ears. Because when you know your brain, you know yourself.” –

For more information, visit their website: