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Press Inquiries

The Carboncopies Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides support to scientists working on challenges critical to whole brain emulation (WBE). We believe that the possibilities and opportunities afforded by WBE represent the most promising technological path to overcoming our fundamental limitations as a species and as individuals. You can find more details about what we do in our Mission.

Our work has already been featured in numerous publications, and is frequently sought after due to the active role Carboncopies plays in research and vision for up and coming technology.

Available Materials

Carboncopies hosts workshops that attract experts in various fields relating to neuroscience and computer science as a continuing effort to expand the discussion on Whole Brain Emulation.

Hours of these workshops are available online and are open for use by the press. If explanation or expansion on a topic is needed please contact us.

The following quote was taken from transcripts of the Carboncopies Podcast.


The other really immediate need for understanding circuits is that most neuropsychiatric disorders arise from disruptions of neural circuitry. Autism, Schizophrenia, depression, addiction and Bipolar Disorder, are probably in large part indeed caused by [these] disruptions.

- Prof. Tony Zador

Some content to get you started

A great introduction to Whole Brain Emulation was offered in January 2018 at our first Workshop event of the year by Randal Koene. This content is accessible in three formats: video, audio, and text.

Do you need more? Just ask!

Carboncopies can be reached for interview or content inquiries via the contact page.