Brain Preservation to Reconstruction

Brain Preservation to Reconstruction




================================================================================================= From Brain Preservation to Restoration

April 29, 2018 Format: Hybrid - attend ONLINE or at 380 Portage Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306 For attendance in Palo Alto, RSVP is mandatory due to space limitations.

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From Brain Preservation to Reconstruction

April 29, 2018, Carboncopies Foundation workshop

On Sunday, 2018-04-29, the Carboncopies Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit, will host a hybrid online- + in-person workshop with these aims:

  • Present the concepts behind and the putative technical procedure of reconstruction from a preserved brain
  • Discuss the next steps following the announcement of the winner of the Large Mammal Brain Preservation Foundation Prize.
  • Discuss the scientific and technical challenges that must be overcome on the roadmap from preserved brain (and possible additional data) to revived mind.

This workshop will be of particular interest to anyone thinking of brain preservation as a route to mind uploading, and it intends to build on the momentum that was generated by the recent announcement of the winner of the Large Mammal BPF Prize.

The workshop seeks to address assumptions and missing pieces of information about the putative process, to challenge scientists involved, and to focus subsequent efforts. Those subsequent efforts may include the next steps undertaken by the BPF, primary and collaborative research carried out at the Carboncopies Foundation, steps taken by companies such as Nectome, 21st Century Medicine, or Alcor, and related research.

Examples of challenges that deserve attention are:

  • The problem of model validation and error correction during reconstruction from a preserved brain. What is the data required for that essential process?
  • The problem of possible additional neural correlates of memory. What else, if anything, might be a necessary physical manifestation of stored memory that is not preserved by existing brain preservation techniques?

The workshop will combine a local in-person meeting with a much larger online group of speakers and participating attendees. This hybrid format will efficiently enable a large number of geographically distributed participants. The hybrid workshop format was successfully tested during our previous workshop of January 28.

There is no cost to participate online or in person, but we do ask that prospective participants RSVP at

Speakers include:

DR. KEITH WILEY (A Taxonomy and Metaphysics of Mind-Uploading)

DR. KENNETH HAYWORTH (The Brain Preservation Foundation)

JONATHAN GORNET (Simulating Extracted Connectomes)

DR. RANDAL KOENE (Carboncopies Foundation)

PROF. DONG SONG (System Identification for Neural Prosthetic Memory)

DR. DIANA DECA (Whole Brain Emulation)


WBE from preserved brain

workshop schedule:

10AM PST (5PM GMT) - DR. RANDAL KOENE - Introduction: From brain preservation to reconstruction

11AM PST (6PM GMT) - DR. KEITH WILEY - Why a whole brain emulation from your preserved brain is probably you

12PM PST (7PM GMT) - DR. KEN HAYWORTH - Aldehyde-Stabilized Cryopreservation preserves the morphology of neurons and glia, patterns of synaptic connectivity, ultrastructural details of synapses, and ion channel and receptor identities and locations. Still not enough?

1PM PST (8PM GMT) - Reverse Engineering Demo (followed by lunch break)

2PM PST (9PM GMT) - JONATHAN GORNET - Dynamical Modeling of Extracted Connectomes

3PM PST (10PM GMT) - DR. RANDAL KOENE - System (de)composition and model validation at multiple scales

4PM PST (11PM GMT) - PROF. DONG SONG - Towards a Clinical Hippocampal Memory Prosthesis

5PM PST (12AM GMT) - PANEL: Restoring Jane Doe from her preserved brain