January 2023 Newsletter

Featured Research

Fast imaging of millimeter-scale areas with beam deflection transmission electron microscopy
Zhihao Zheng et. al.

To construct a connectome of the brain we currently use volume electron microscopy. To increase the imaging throughput and the speed a new innovation has been needed and found in a new beam deflecting mechanism. This enables highly efficient acquisition of multiple image tiles for each motion of the mechanical stage. For millimeter-scale areas, the duty cycle of imaging doubles, yielding a net average imaging rate of 0.3 gigapixels per second.

Scientists watch a memory form in a living brain
Yasemin Saplakoglu

Neuroscientist have observed what is happening in the brain of a living fish in emotionally charged events forming a new memory. Instead of only studying the cortex and hippocampus, they also started looking at deeper structures like the amygdala. The scientists expected the brain to encode the memory by slightly modifying its neural connections. But they actually found a huge overhaul in the connections, which teaches us new things about associative memory forming.

Dynamic reconfiguration of human brain networks across altered states of consciousness
Haiyang Liu et. al.

We know that dynamic reconfiguration of large-scale networks in the brain are critical for cognitive processes. During altered states of consciousness, how brain functional networks are dynamically changed and reconfigured at the whole-brain level is still unclear. Therefore, a research group used the multilayer network approach and functional magnetic resonance imaging data to investigate the network reconfiguration in three different states of consciousness: wakefulness, dexmedetomidine-induced sedation, and recovery.

Learn More About Whole Brain Emulation

In this section we introduce ideas related to whole brain emulation research. This month we explain the meaning of the “whole brain emulation” term itself.

What is a neural prosthetic?

A neural prosthetic is any artificial device which, upon installation within a neural system, performs substantive neuro-computational tasks within that neural system - in contrast with e.g. a stent that improves blood flow in the brain. It is an artificial replacement for a (typically damaged or lost) neural function.


  1. Scientists at USC have done work on a hippocampal prosthetic which, if attached to a human brain, would improve memory function.
  2. Certain types of hearing aids could be considered neural prosthetics as they serve as alternative pathways circumventing the auditory nerves.

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Open Tasks & Roles

Office of Operations

Multimedia Specialist
We are looking for a multimedia specialist to assist in the creation of neuroscience-related digital content for organizational events, ensuring digital content (e.g., videos, flyers) is designed well and effectively advocates a desired goal.

HR Section Team Member
The HR Section works on tasks related to recruiting and onboarding new team members as well as supporting leads in managing their projects or departments. Team members will work on tasks such as writing role descriptions, running onboarding calls, and developing routines and tools for leads. The co-lead will support the lead of the HR section in onboarding new team members.

Marketing Assistant
The Marketing Assistant will work alongside the Events and Promotion Coordinator to facilitate the advertisement and execution of all virtual events including weekly presentations of research and virtual conferences related to the Aspirational Neuroscience Prize.

Office of Education

Publishing Assistant
We are seeking a Publishing Assistant to coordinate with the Chief Education Officer, Publishing Lead, and Communications Department to organize tasks and set milestones. This person will help drive projects, maintain operations, and support goals for the Office of Education.

Publishing Team Member
The Communications Department works on tasks related to communicating the work of other departments and projects as well as running its own projects/campaigns related to Whole Brain Emulation. We need team members who want to help with tasks related to writing content to increase public awareness about WBE, recording 1-minute ad voiceovers, cleaning up transcriptions and generating materials.

Video Editor
We are seeking Video Editors to edit recordings we make from interviews, etc. and produce professional-quality videos for publishing on YouTube, etc.

Office of Research

3D Modeler
As a 3D modeler, your tasks will include: 3D modeling with Blender; Documenting work, communicating with team; Working with git source control; Attend regular meetings once or twice a week.

Office of Finance

Director of Donations
The Donations Director will lead the Carboncopies Foundation’s donations efforts. Working alongside our Grants Director, this role will lead a team of volunteers to focus on other areas where CCF might raise funds. This includes donations, crowdfunding, etc.

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