October 2021 Newsletter

Featured Research

OpenWorm: Overview and Recent Advances in Integrative Biological Simulation of C. elegans
Gopal P. Sarma, Chee Wai Lee, Tom Portegys, et al

OpenWorm is a project that aims to virtually simulate the nematode C. elegans. Reproducing the biology and behavior of this organism will help advance Whole Brain Emulation by introducing a computerized model beyond the connectome. A dimension of functionality is added, bringing us closer to the eventual goal of emulation.

Petascale Neural Circuit Reconstruction: Automated Methods
Thomas Macrina, Kisuk Lee, Ran Lu, Nicholas L. Turner, et al

Electron microscopy has previously enabled the mapping of invertebrate brains as well as small sections of mammalian nervous systems. Using a newly designed method of processing, it is possible to compile a petascale dataset that encompasses many neural circuits. Four visual areas of a mouse cortex have been reconstructed.

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Mind Uploading Media

CCF Stance on Consciousness
Presented by Randal Koene

In a recent Journal Club meeting, the definition of consciousness is explored. Randal Koene explains the neural basis of subjective experience. Working memory, as well as episodic memory, plays a crucial role in awareness.

Altered Carbon
Laeta Kalogridis

This show takes place in a future where a person can be uploaded into a different body. The uploading process utilizes devices that are embedded into vertebrae; such devices allow the continuity of consciousness after the death of a physical or synthetic substrate.

Digital People Would Be An Even Bigger Deal
Holden Karnofsky

What would a world of digital people look like? What abilities might they have, and how might they interact with their surroundings? This article speculates on a future in which mind uploading would lead us all to exist in a virtual environment.

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Open Tasks & Roles

Director of Donations
Grants Department

You will work alongside our Grants Director, who is responsible for all work related to applying for different grants. Your role will be to focus on other areas where CCF might raise funds. This includes donations, crowdfunding, and setting up budgets for departments. You will also lead a team of volunteers who will help you with this work.

Neuroscience Consultant

BrainGenix aims to create a scalable and distributed neuron simulation system for Whole Brain Emulation (WBE). For these purposes, a Neuroscience Consultant is needed to give input on the development and underlying research on which the system is constructed.

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