February 2023 Newsletter

Featured Research

Learning efficient backprojections across cortical hierarchies
Kevin Max et. al.

Sensory processing and learning needs assignment of credit to synapses in all areas of the cortex. In deep learning, we can use error backpropagation which is biologically implausible. In this article, researchers are therefore introducing Phaseless Alignment Learning as a bio-plausible solution to learning efficient feedback weights in layered cortical hierarchies. This is achieved by exploiting the noise naturally found in biophysical systems as an additional carrier of information.

Mapping a synaptic landscape of a cognitive nucleus of the thalamus
Researchers have identified the origin, intranuclear distribution and size of all types of axon terminals present in a cognitive nucleus of the thalamus. This will be helpful in understanding and developing computational models of the brain since these nuclei integrate signals from different cerebral cortex areas and send the result back to the cortex. The results showed that neuronal subpopulations of the same nucleus can receive different combinations of signals, produce different computations and therefore create multiple functionally different parallel circuits.

Relevance of time perception neural networks in temporal features of concepts
Karim Johari et. al.

Just as concept features like motion and sound function through corresponding neural networks evidence now suggests that temporal features of concepts are based on networks relevant for time conception, i.e. time-relevant meaning of words is subserved by time perception circuits in the human brain. Results showed significantly larger ERPs for event duration vs. object size judgments over right parietal electrodes, a region associated with temporal processing. Additionally, alpha/beta neural oscillation showed a stronger desynchronization for event duration compared to object size in the right parietal electrodes.

Learn More About Whole Brain Emulation

In this section we introduce ideas related to whole brain emulation research. This month we explain the meaning of scale separation.

What is scale seperation?

Scale separation exists when details below a certain level of spatial and/or temporal resolution can be considered in the aggregate without significantly impacting the results with regard to chosen success criteria.


Assuming you want to study the dynamics of an action potential, scale separation would allow us to model at the level of resistance, capacitance, and ion concentrations, while ignoring the underlying molecular details.

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Open Tasks & Roles

Office of Operations

Multimedia Specialist
We are looking for a multimedia specialist to assist in the creation of neuroscience-related digital content for organizational events, ensuring digital content (e.g., videos, flyers) is designed well and effectively advocates a desired goal.

Video Editor
We are seeking Video Editors to edit recordings we make from interviews, etc. and produce professional-quality videos for publishing on YouTube, etc.

HR Section Team Member
The HR Section works on tasks related to recruiting and onboarding new team members as well as supporting leads in managing their projects or departments. Team members will work on tasks such as writing role descriptions, running onboarding calls, and developing routines and tools for leads. The co-lead will support the lead of the HR section in onboarding new team members.

Office of Education

Publishing Assistant
We are seeking a Publishing Assistant to coordinate with the Chief Education Officer, Publishing Lead, and Communications Department to organize tasks and set milestones. This person will help drive projects, maintain operations, and support goals for the Office of Education.

Publishing Team Member
The Communications Department works on tasks related to communicating the work of other departments and projects as well as running its own projects/campaigns related to Whole Brain Emulation. We need team members who want to help with tasks related to writing content to increase public awareness about WBE, recording 1-minute ad voiceovers, cleaning up transcriptions and generating materials.

Office of Research

Ethics Team Assistant
The Ethic Leadership Intern/Ethics Team Assistant will have a crucial role helping to build an Ethical Framework for WBE and ensuring the Foundation has a clear ethical understanding of the necessary work involved in creating that technology. The individual will perform independent research, collaborate with and help organize a team, and engage with experts.

Office of Finance

Director of Donations
The Donations Director will lead the Carboncopies Foundation’s donations efforts. Working alongside our Grants Director, this role will lead a team of volunteers to focus on other areas where CCF might raise funds. This includes donations, crowdfunding, etc.

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