November 2022 Newsletter

Featured Research

Decoding a non-trivial memory from a map of the brain
Andy McKenzie

The Aspirational Neuroscience Prize challenge is trying to find answers to some uncertainties regarding the question of how memories are encoded in the brain. Special focus - keeping in mind how useful it would be to judge the preservation of a brain - lies on the question how to reconstruct memories from static maps of synaptic connectivity and to answer what non-trivial memory means.

Neurons in a dish learn to play Pong
Heidi Ledford

Human neurons grown in a dish received electrical input signals from electrodes whereon changes in their activity were recorded. The signals were translated into the visual depiction of the game Pong. To make the neuron learn how to succeed in the game, researchers used the theory that neurons tend to repeat activity that yields a predictable environment.

Human cortical organoids forge functional circuits in rat brains
Peter Hess

New studies of transplants of human cortical organoids transplanted into the brains of newborn rats have shown that they sprout more mature neurons and form more complex circuits than the usual dish-grown organoids do. Such rat-organoid hybrids may help researchers more accurately model human brain development and conditions such as autism.

Meet the Carboncopies Foundation

Angela Thornton

I gained my first degree (BSc Psychology) over 30 years ago and have had a long and successful career in commercial market research. My interests and experience span a range of sectors since I have conducted research with both consumers and businesses. I have considerable experience in healthcare, but I also have worked in partnership with creative agencies on branding and communications and have a strong personal interest in arts and culture.

In 2018 I fulfilled a long-held dream of returning to academia and completed a MSc in Psychological Research Methods at the University of Nottingham (UoN) where I gained a distinction. I chose this course as a stepping stone to a fully funded PhD at Horizon Centre of Doctoral Training – also based at the UoN – and started my PhD journey in 2019. My thesis looks to explore the personal and public narrative around the hypothetical journey to Whole Brain Emulation and the ultimate creation of a Substrate Independent Mind.

I am delighted to be part of the Carboncopies team and working towards a shared vision of bringing the science to a concept that for many emerged from science fiction.

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Open Tasks & Roles

Executive Office

Executive Assistant
The Executive Assistant will work directly with the President/CEO of the Carboncopies Foundation. Their responsibilities will include tasks assigned to them by the President or potentially by members of the Executive Committee.

Office of Operations

HR Section Team Member
The HR Section works on tasks related to recruiting and onboarding new team members as well as supporting leads in managing their projects or departments. Team members will work on tasks such as writing role descriptions, running onboarding calls, and developing routines and tools for leads. The co-lead will support the lead of the HR section in onboarding new team members.

Marketing Assistant
The Marketing Assistant will work alongside the Events and Promotion Coordinator to facilitate the advertisement and execution of all virtual events including weekly presentations of research and virtual conferences related to the Aspirational Neuroscience Prize.

Publishing Department

Team Member
The Communications Department works on tasks related to communicating the work of other departments and projects as well as running its own projects/campaigns related to Whole Brain Emulation. We need team members who want to help with tasks related to writing content to increase public awareness about WBE, recording 1-minute ad voiceovers, cleaning up transcriptions and generating materials.

Video Editor
We are seeking Video Editors to edit recordings we make from interviews, etc. and produce professional-quality videos for publishing on YouTube, etc.

Office of Research

3D Modeler
As a 3D modeler, your tasks will include: 3D modeling with Blender; Documenting work, communicating with team; Working with git source control; Attend regular meetings once or twice a week.

Ethics Team Assistant
The Ethics Team Assistant will have a crucial role helping to build an Ethical Framework for WBE and ensuring the Foundation has a clear ethical understanding of the necessary work involved in creating that technology. The individual will perform independent research, collaborate with and help organize a team, and engage with experts.

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