October 2022 Newsletter

Featured Research

A Functional Connectomics Dataset Spanning Multiple Visual Areas

The Allen Institute has released an open-access, interactive visualization of a functional connectome that spans a cubic millimeter. This is the most detailed connectomics model released to date. The data, containing multiple visual areas in a mouse brain, maps 200,000 cells and more than 500 million synapses.

High-Throughput Mapping of a Whole Rhesus Monkey Brain
Fang Xu, Yan Shen, Lufeng Ding, et al

Until recently, the mapping of an entire primate brain has not been possible due to its large size and limited imaging methods. A new technology combines microscopy and reconstruction to create a high-resolution connectome within 100 hours. The resulting visualizations include thalamocortical and individual axonal projections.

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Mind Uploading Media

The Road to Mind Uploading
Brain Inspired Podcast

Randal Koene and Ken Hayworth participate in an hour-long discussion on Whole Brain Emulation. They explain the methods of “scan-and-copy” and “gradual replacement”. The podcast episode touches on technological approaches, brain preservation, inspirations for mind uploading, and the future of neuroscience.

Ghost in the Shell
dir. Mamoru Oshii

This film is a science-fiction anime set in 2029 where cybernetic technology is common, allowing for transcendence from physical bodies. A mechanical layer of the brain enables direct access to the Internet and can also be hacked. Computers and humans intermingle.

Brain Uploading
The Brain With David Eagleman

In a brief clip, neuroscientist David Eagleman gives an introduction to the concept of mind uploading. As technology evolves, becoming more sophisticated, we may utilize it to emulate our brains and enhance our capabilities.

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Open Tasks & Roles

HR Section Team Member / Co-Lead
Operations Department

The HR Section works on tasks related to recruiting and onboarding new team members as well as supporting leads in managing their projects or departments. Team members will work on tasks such as writing role descriptions, running onboarding calls, and developing routines and tools for leads. The co-lead will support the lead of the HR section in onboarding new team members.

Team Member
Communications Department

The Communications Department works on tasks related to communicating the work of other departments and projects as well as running its own projects/campaigns related to Whole Brain Emulation. We need team members who want to help with tasks related to writing content to increase public awareness about WBE, recording 1-minute ad voiceovers, cleaning up transcriptions and generating materials.

C++ Developer
BrainGenix Department

In this role, you would be part of a team working to develop the features for multiple projects within our scalable and distributed neuron simulation system. You would be responsible for developing and maintaining C++ code on Linux using CMake.

Game Developer
BrainGenix Department

The Carboncopies Foundation needs game developers for designing the game mechanics and systems for our upcoming Open-Source WBE video game.

Level Designer
BrainGenix Department

The Carboncopies Foundation is growing, and we need level designers for creating the virtual environments for our upcoming Open-Source video game. As a level designer, you'd be responsible for creating detailed open-world environments with our editor.

3D Modeler
BrainGenix Department

As a 3D modeler, your tasks will include: 3D modeling with Blender; Documenting work, communicating with team; Working with git source control; Attend regular meetings once or twice a week.

Video Game Story Writer
BrainGenix Department

The purpose of this role is to aid in writing the storyline for a video game we are developing. Your tasks will include: Story development and feedback; Collaborating with other team members; Design, block out, and implement 3D environments; Create 2D/3D concept art.

Software Developer Lead
BrainGenix Department

As the Lead of the ERS division, you would be part of our neural simulation platform department at the Carboncopies Foundation and join a team consisting of the Leads and Co-Leads of this department. Your tasks, as the Lead of our ERS division of our neural simulation platform, would include the following: Oversight of team; Onboarding members to the ERS division; Management of meetings; Updating our neural simulation platform department as a whole on progress; Requesting resources from other divisions of our neural simulation platform team; Creation of status updates for the rest of the Carboncopies organization.

Video Editor
Publishing Department

We are seeking Video Editors to edit recordings we make from interviews, etc. and produce professional-quality videos for publishing on YouTube, etc.

Event Speaker Coordinator
Events Department

This person would be responsible for coordinating invited speakers for Carboncopies events. The responsibilities of this role would include: Participating in 1-2 weekly event coordination meetings; Collaborating with Events Department team members on event planning and preparation activities; Identifying potential speakers to invite, based on the topic of a given event; Personalizing and sending invitations to potential speakers; Tracking invitation responses; Sending followup communications and reminders to confirmed event speakers; Coordinating with speakers to ensure successful participation in tests, live events, recorded interviews, etc.

Social Media Manager
Publishing Department

The volunteer will work on brainstorming ideas for posts on social media platforms (Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook especially) and create content to be posted regularly.

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