July 2022 Newsletter

Featured Research

Nanoparticles for Whole-Brain Imaging
Ilhan Bok et al

Magnetic particle imaging is a method of neuroimaging that can capture the brain with a detailed resolution. Using this approach, nanoparticles are injected and images are captured using a magnetic scanner. The inclusion of nanoparticles allows for the recording of electrophysiological data for an individual neuron as well as the whole brain.

Plasticity and Adaptation in Neuromorphic Biohybrid Systems
Richard George et al

When human brains are interfaced with neuromorphic technology, “biohybrid” interactions can take place, encompassing functionality from both artificial and biological neural networks. This can provide insights for the further development of neuromorphic computing devices based on neural mechanisms of plasticity.

Mind Uploading Media

The Google Engineer Who Thinks The Company’s AI Has Come To Life
The Washington Post

Blake Lemoine, an engineer at Google, had conversations with a chatbot named LaMDA to test whether it adopted discriminatory ways of speaking. He came to believe it was sentient, as it was engaged in philosophical discussions and responded to questions about the nature of its consciousness. Other engineers at Google have disputed LaMDA's sentience.

Carboncopies Podcast
Listen Now

Carboncopies has been doing some renovations on our podcast series, which is now on Spotify! We have a new logo, new theme music from Scott Holmes Music, and a new podcast host, Luca Kosina.

International Human Rights Protection Gaps in the Age of Neurotechnology
NeuroRights Foundation

The NeuroRights Foundation has produced a report analyzing human rights in the context of neurotechnology. Devices that record or interface with the brain could potentially be misused, resulting in harm or violations of ethical principles. Rights that protect agency, identity, and privacy could safeguard against such violations.

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Open Tasks & Roles

Software Developer Lead
ERS Division, BrainGenix

As the Lead of the Environmental Rendering System (ERS) division, you will be part of our neural simulation platform department at the Carboncopies Foundation. You will take on managerial tasks of the division, including overseeing the team, onboarding members, creating updates on progress, and managing meetings.

C++ Developer
BrainGenix Department

In this role, you would be part of a team working to develop the features for multiple projects within our scalable and distributed neuron simulation system. You would be responsible for developing and maintaining C++ code on Linux using CMake.

Game Developer
BrainGenix Department

The BrainGenix Department is seeking game developers to design the mechanics and systems for our upcoming Open-Source WBE video game.

Video Game Story Writer
BrainGenix Department

The purpose of this role is to aid in writing the storyline for a video game we are developing.

IT Department Lead
Office of Operations

As the lead of the IT Department, you would be part of the Operations Office and join a team consisting of the leads and co-leads of HR and Governance, led by our COO. Your initial task as the lead of our IT Department would be to establish the department. Once the department has been set up, you’ll be responsible for managing the team to meet the IT needs of the Carboncopies Foundation.

OpenCL Developer
BrainGenix Department

You will be responsible for designing and writing OpenCL-based compute kernels for a range of problems — from physics simulations to sensory translation.

Vulkan Developer
BrainGenix Department

The Vulkan developer will help with designing and writing a high-performance real-time rendering system designed to work on headless servers.

Level Designer
BrainGenix Department

The BrainGenix Department is seeking level designers for creating the virtual environments for our upcoming Open-Source video game. As a level designer, you would be responsible for creating detailed open-world environments with our editor.

3D Modeler
BrainGenix Department

We are looking for someone who can produce 3D models for our open-source video game. As a 3D modeler, you would be working with our BrainGenix and Communications departments, joining a team of motivated, talented professionals.

Video Game Story Writer
BrainGenix Department

The BrainGenix Department is seeking a video game story writer to aid in writing the storyline for our upcoming Open-Source WBE video game.

Multimedia Specialist
Events Department

You will be assisting in the creation of neuroscience-related digital content for organizational events.

Publishing Department

The Publishing Department is seeking an animator to help create videos for a public awareness campaign and other projects. Your role will be to develop animations to accompany text. You will help the Carboncopies Foundation reach a broader audience with interesting and informative content.

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