May 2022 Newsletter

Featured Research

Coalescing Minds: Brain Uploading-Related Group Mind Scenarios
Kaj Sotala and Harri Valpola

Upon the advent of whole brain emulation, the removal of physical boundaries opens up numerous possibilities. Two minds could potentially coalesce to yield a greater understanding; two individuals could meld into one. Multiple individuals working together could have shared desires and achieve shared goals. This would have implications for personal identity and empathy.

A Psychometric Platform to Collect Somatosensory Sensations for Neuroprosthetic Use
Giacomo Valle et al

Neuroprosthetics can interface with the somatosensory cortex to restore sensation after amputation or disease. In order to set up the parameters for neuroprosthetic devices, it is necessary to ask patients certain questions. A new questionnaire is proposed to give insights into the intensity and quality of induced sensations.

Mind Uploading Media

Ed Boyden: Tools for Mapping and Controlling the Brain
Foresight Neurotech Group

The technology of artificial intelligence continues to progress. AI algorithms have now been implemented on neuromorphic hardware, allowing neural networks to become more efficient by consuming less energy. Emulating spiking neurons enabled researchers to develop a device that transfers information faster than the brain.

Artificial Neural Nets Finally Yield Clues to How Brains Learn
Quanta Magazine

Artificial intelligence and brains share many commonalities. Knowing how the brain works can inform developments in machine learning; the same is also true in reverse. Artificial neural networks learn through inferring outputs and subsequently updating them. It is possible that brains learn using a similar process of sensory prediction.

Dutch National Opera

Upload is an opera composed and directed by Michel van der Aa that centers around mind uploading. It explores the concepts of eternal life, a digital existence, and the continuing humanity of emulations. The opera blends technological advances with a creative, lyrical mode of expression.

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Open Tasks & Roles

Director of Donations
Grants Department

You will work alongside our Grants Director, who is responsible for all work related to applying for different grants. Your role will be to focus on other areas where CCF might raise funds. This includes donations, crowdfunding, and setting up budgets for departments. You will also lead a team of volunteers who will help you with this work.

Software Developer Lead
ERS Division, BrainGenix

As the Lead of the Environmental Rendering System (ERS) division, you will be part of our neural simulation platform department at the Carboncopies Foundation. You will take on managerial tasks of the division, including overseeing the team, onboarding members, creating updates on progress, and managing meetings.

C++ Developer
BrainGenix Department

In this role, you would be part of a team working to develop the features for multiple projects within our scalable and distributed neuron simulation system. You would be responsible for developing and maintaining C++ code on Linux using CMake.

Game Developer
BrainGenix Department

The BrainGenix Department is seeking game developers to design the mechanics and systems for our upcoming Open-Source WBE video game.

Video Game Story Writer
BrainGenix Department

The purpose of this role is to aid in writing the storyline for a video game we are developing.

IT Department Lead
Office of Operations

As the lead of the IT Department, you would be part of the Operations Office and join a team consisting of the leads and co-leads of HR and Governance, led by our COO. Your initial task as the lead of our IT Department would be to establish the department. Once the department has been set up, you’ll be responsible for managing the team to meet the IT needs of the Carboncopies Foundation.

OpenCL Developer
BrainGenix Department

You will be responsible for designing and writing OpenCL-based compute kernels for a range of problems — from physics simulations to sensory translation.

Vulkan Developer
BrainGenix Department

The Vulkan developer will help with designing and writing a high-performance real-time rendering system designed to work on headless servers.

Level Designer
BrainGenix Department

The BrainGenix Department is seeking level designers for creating the virtual environments for our upcoming Open-Source video game. As a level designer, you would be responsible for creating detailed open-world environments with our editor.

3D Modeler
BrainGenix Department

We are looking for someone who can produce 3D models for our open-source video game. As a 3D modeler, you would be working with our BrainGenix and Communications departments, joining a team of motivated, talented professionals.

Multimedia Specialist
Events Department

You will be assisting in the creation of neuroscience-related digital content for organizational events.

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