November 2021 Newsletter

Featured Research

Uploading and Branching Identity
Michael A. Cerullo

When discussing the preservation of personal identity, Whole Brain Emulation requires us to adopt a new perspective. Psychological branching identity says that continuity of consciousness will occur in the uploaded brain as well as the original brain, allowing both minds to have an equal claim to the original identity. A similar phenomenon can occur in split-brain patients.

Time, consciousness, and mind uploading
Yoonsuck Choe, Jaerock Kwon and Ji Ryang Chung

Many key processes in the brain, such as memory, reaction, and anticipation, involve time and prediction. Accounting for the factors of delay and time may be important for successful mind uploading. Additionally, investigating conceptualizations of the past and future can lead to insights into brain function and help construct artificial intelligence.

A critique of pure learning and what artificial neural networks can learn from animal brains
Anthony M. Zador

Even as artificial neural networks acquire better learning algorithms, it is still necessary to train them with numerous labeled examples, whereas young animals are capable of learning unsupervised. They rely on both learned and innate mechanisms that may be genetically encoded. The article proposes incorporating principles from animal brains to accelerate the intelligence of neural networks.

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Mind Uploading Media

How, When and Why AGI: Understanding the Emerging AGI Revolution
AGI-21 Conference

The AGI Conference is an event that gathers researchers and experts in the field of artificial intelligence. At this year’s conference, Randal Koene spoke about Whole Brain Emulation and brain-computer interfaces. Replay the livestream here to hear his speech and others.

Snow Crash
Neal Stephenson

In a future version of California, a virtual reality-based internet called the Metaverse is widely used. This book weaves computers and ancient myths, depicting Sumerian as the programming language for the brainstem. Humans learned how to speak after being infected by a linguistic virus.

Anti Matter
Dir. Keir Burrows

In this movie, a PhD student attempts to travel through a wormhole and create a matter transporter. After she successfully transports herself, she is unable to form memories, loses her possessions, and questions the world around her. The movie investigates philosophical possibilities related to branching identity.

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