January 2022 Newsletter

Featured Research

Emerging Materials for Neuromorphic Devices and Systems
Min-Kyu Kim, Youngjun Park, Ik-Jyae Kim, and Jang-Sik Lee

As neuromorphic technologies improve, they can emulate the behavior of neurons and synapses while remaining energy-efficient. Many devices can function as artificial synapses, including memristors and electrochemical transistors. Several materials are proposed to ensure efficiency and functionality.

Neural Correlates of Consciousness: Progress and Problems
Christof Koch, Marcello Massimini, Melanie Boly, and Giulio Tononi

Although there have been many studies on the neural correlates of consciousness, researchers have not yet come to a definitive consensus. Some evidence indicates that posterior cortical regions may contribute to conscious experience. This article summarizes current research findings and promising areas of exploration.

Mind Uploading Media

Terasem Colloquium
Giulio Prisco

The December 2021 Terasem Colloquium was a virtual event that brought together experts in artificial intelligence and mind uploading. Randal Koene, Ken Hayworth, and other speakers discussed the definition of consciousness and ways of preserving it after death. The replay video is available to watch here.

A Taxonomy and Metaphysics of Mind-Uploading
Keith Wiley

This book analyzes the philosophies behind mind uploading, clarifying terminology and mentioning future possibilities. It highlights potential methods of achieving whole brain emulation. There are discussions of metaphysical issues such as personal identity and continuity of consciousness.

Blade Runner
dir. Ridley Scott

Synthetic humans known as replicants are being tracked down and killed, as they are seen as dangerous to society. They possess a type of artificial intelligence that does not generally encompass empathy. The film features one replicant who has empathy and is almost indistinguishable from a human, opening up ethical questions about the nature of humanity and its emulation.

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Open Tasks & Roles

Director of Donations
Grants Department

You will work alongside our Grants Director, who is responsible for all work related to applying for different grants. Your role will be to focus on other areas where CCF might raise funds. This includes donations, crowdfunding, and setting up budgets for departments. You will also lead a team of volunteers who will help you with this work.

Software Developer Lead
ERS Division, BrainGenix

As the Lead of the Environmental Rendering System (ERS) division, you will be part of our neural simulation platform department at the Carboncopies Foundation. You will take on managerial tasks of the division, including overseeing the team, onboarding members, creating updates on progress, and managing meetings.

Communications Department

The Communications Department is seeking an animator to help create videos for a public awareness campaign and other projects. Your role will be to develop animations to accompany text. You will help the Carboncopies Foundation reach a broader audience with interesting and informative content.

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