December 2021 Newsletter

Featured Research

The Need for Innovative In Vivo Measurement Techniques
Randal A. Koene

In order to emulate functional connectivity for the purposes of Whole Brain Emulation, it is necessary to record the circuitry of a living brain. A functional connectome would enrich a structural connectome. Several potential measurement techniques could facilitate this process.

Whole Brain Emulation and the Evolution of Superorganisms
Carl Shulman

The development of Whole Brain Emulation may lead to software models who possess or exceed human intelligence. These emulations would be able to perform cognitive tasks without physiological limitations. They may reach high levels of productivity, which would carry implications for a future society.

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Mind Uploading Media

Scholar Profile: Randal Koene
Cryonics Magazine

In an interview with Alcor, Randal Koene details his interest and work in Whole Brain Emulation, covering advances in the field and the origins of the Carboncopies Foundation. The magazine also features an article written by Dr. Koene on pattern survival.

Rethinking Consciousness
Michael S.A. Graziano

This book explains the Attention Schema Theory, which says that consciousness is subjective awareness constructed into a representative model. Based on this theory, consciousness can be emulated like any other function of the brain. The book includes a discussion of artificial intelligence and mind uploading.

Dir. Wally Pfister

A scientist seeks to create a machine possessing consciousness, believing that this accomplishment will bring about an explosion of artificial intelligence called “transcendence”. When he is attacked by an anti-technology group and suffers grave injuries, he is uploaded to a computer.

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Director of Donations
Grants Department

You will work alongside our Grants Director, who is responsible for all work related to applying for different grants. Your role will be to focus on other areas where CCF might raise funds. This includes donations, crowdfunding, and setting up budgets for departments. You will also lead a team of volunteers who will help you with this work.

Publishing Department

As the Director of Publishing, you will help manage the Publishing Department of the Carboncopies Foundation. You will oversee the team, onboard members, and manage meetings. You will also handle website content, including our blog and FAQ, manage content for our Journal of Brain Emulation, and maintain our YouTube channels and social media presence.

Publishing Department

Alongside the lead of the Publishing Department, you will be responsible for making sure the Department runs smoothly. Your role will be to support the lead in onboarding new team members, running calls and meetings, and performing priority tasks when necessary. This includes developing tools for leading the Department and ensuring team members are engaged with their work.

Software Developer Lead
ERS Division, BrainGenix

As the Lead of the Environmental Rendering System (ERS) division, you will be part of our neural simulation platform department at the Carboncopies Foundation. You will take on managerial tasks of the division, including overseeing the team, onboarding members, creating updates on progress, and managing meetings.

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