Our Mission

Carboncopies is a non-profit foundation that provides support to scientists in fields related to Whole brain emulation (WBE).  We believe WBE to be the most promising approach to achieving mind uploading based on the current state of science and technology. Whole brain emulation involves accurate computational modeling of neural tissue at the scale of complete brains, as well as development of neuromorphic hardware on which to run simulations of these models. Many advances are required in neurobiology, brain imaging, computational hardware, nanotechnology, and philosophy of mind in order to reproduce the functions of a mind in an artificial substrate. To direct and accelerate this process, our organization is focused on:

  • Encouraging scientific collaboration to create stepping-stone technologies

  • Reviewing scientific literature and media conversations

  • Maintaining technology roadmaps to address engineering challenges

  • Increasing awareness of the Substrate-Independent Mind concept among the general public

  • Hosting conferences and providing informational material

Over the past few years, Whole brain emulation has been widely accepted as a valid and important research goal in neuroscience labs, and as a consequence, steady progress towards mind uploading is being made today. If you share our vision and would like to get involved, we encourage you to join our volunteer team!