As part of the Carboncopies Foundation’s ongoing effort to build and maintain an international network of companies, institutions and labs engaged in projects of high relevance to neural prosthesis, brain emulation and mind uploading, the Foundation identifies new startups addressing problems relevant to brain preservation and whole brain emulation. The companies featured below are a subset of the startups recently evaluated.


Eternal Trusts is a hybrid intelligence platform that manages and spends cryptoassets on your long-term objectives. If you are an expert or represent an organization in fiduciary services, asset management, artificial intelligence, life extension, or charityyou can join the platform and monetize your skills as either
an Oracle, voting for the best solutions, or a Provider, directly executing the purposes.

Applied to whole brain emulation, Eternal Trusts aims to solve the problem of managing the bridging of the gap from a patient's possible cryopreservation to whole brain emulation.



The NeuroMem licenses IP for neuromorphic chip technology originally developed, deployed and commercialized in the U.S. by General Vision. A bank of neuromorphic memories, also considered a hardware neural network, capable of learning and recognizing patterns at high speed and low-power can derive patterns from any data types such as text, scientific datasets, bio-signals, audio files, images and videos, etc. Thanks to a unique parallel architecture, the neurons can learn and recognize a pattern in a constant amount of time regardless of the number of reference models they hold.



Brain Backups, a developmental stage startup, is pursuing one of the biggest scientific and technological discoveries of our time: a map of every connection in the human brain. The connectome, sometimes called the genome of the brain, is the next frontier in neuroscience. With cutting edge micron scale contrast agents, Brain Backups is poised to revolutionize neuroimaging.